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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 24, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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announcements at this time. the president is taking that decision extremely seriously. he's being very thorough in the process and will have an announcement soon. >> sarah, is the white house concerned at all that the conflict keeps escalating could inpact the president's agenda? if the feud with senator corker lashing out about him -- >> i would hope that senator corker is more focused on getting things done in his final months and so we hope that he will be very supportive of the tax cuts and tax reforms that the people in his state have demanded and frankly elected him to go to congress and help do. >> the president had two different tweets today and said that senator corker was fighting tax cuts. those were his words. will night fight tax cuts.
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there's but nothing public from senator corker that he might be against tax cuts. what was the president suggesting or referring to there in those tweets? senator corker privately told the white house that he's against tax cuts. >> i don't know that he said he's against them. he indicated his unwillingness at this point to really step forward and work with the administration on getting things done. we hope that he will come around and vote for tax cuts as the people in his state have demanded and requested and pushed for. >> i don't know that flake and mccain and corker will vote for tax cuts because you need them. >> america hopes they do. >> last week i asked you in the president wanted senator corker to resign. you didn't want to go there. in light of everything that has happened since, has the white house changed its decision on that and at the very least does the president think that senator
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corker should step down as the head of the foreign relations committee especially since he told cnn today that he wants to investigate some of the things that he's breaking down, he being president trump. >> that's a leader for mr. mcconnell who has those chairmanships. that's not for the president to determine. >> the president doesn't think he should step down or resign? >> i haven't spoken to him about that. in terms of how the chairman's chair should be resided is up to senator mcconnell. john? >> two questions. there's currently contested primary for senator corker's side, congressman woman blackburn facing former congress woman fincher and it's almost inevitable will there be a contested seat in arizona. will the president take any role in the nomination process there? >> i'm not going to weigh-in to
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any political races and whether or not the president will engage. it's not appropriate for me to do from here. >> the other thing, in his penultimate salvo on twitter, the president said that senator corker asked him to be secretary state and re refurefus refusrer. nobody has been asked in modern times for a job like that. did senator corker ask the president to be his secretary of state? >> that's my understanding. i don't know much beyond those initial comments. charlie? >> is the president confident that majority leader mcconnell will pull it together? >> yes, he is. he thinks we're going to work together with republican senators, particularly leader mcconnell to get tax cuts and tax reform done this year.
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>> what does the white house and the president continue to say that senator bob corker helped president obama on the iran deal when the facts clearly say that's not true? >> actually the facts do say that it's true. it was senator corker that wrote the legislation that legitimized the iran nuclear deal. despite lacking the votes to ratify the flawed i ran deal in the senate, corker's bell rolled out the red carpet for the obama administration gaining congressional approval without the necessary vote. may not have voted for it, but he helped make it happen. >> but he didn't vote for it. if you look through it -- >> as i said many times before, i wouldn't use "the washington post" as my source. >> the white house is not telling the truth on this. why does -- >> actually -- >> -- does he continue to say -- >> he voted against it but he put it in motion. he rolled out the red carpet and made it possible for it to move forward that is a fact and that
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is true. >> sarah, what do president trump's advisers advise him about the use of twitter and on an unrelated issue, is the president seeking to kill a deal between boeing or -- a deal to sell planes to iran air. >> on the first one, i'd say in regards to twitter, as i've stated several times before from here, it's always a benefit for the president to be able to speak directly to the american people without any filter or bias. that's a positive thing. it's one of the reasons that the president is president. is because he often goes directly to the american people, speaks directly to them. i think that's a plus. second question. i'm not aware of that, any detailed conversations. i couldn't weigh into that right now. >> sarah, i'm not going to ask about the ongoing investigation, but the command eaer of u.s. fos
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in africa said he only had a quarter of the reconnaissance flights to do his job and that did impact the search and rescue mission. is the white house concerned that u.s. forces in africa do not have adequate resources and that could have contributed to what happened in niger and had there been an outreach? >> as always, the safety and security of our military is a top priority in terms of specifics, we'll wait until that investigation is completed. as general dunford said yesterday, we're going to make sure that we get and adequate answers for the american people and the families of those that were lost and we'll continue to do that. the administration fully supports the department of defense on that process. >> has there been outreach to niker? >> i'm not sure. individual to check. >> back on niger. the widow of sergeant ladavid
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johnson is concerned there may not be remains. what does this white house say as she's not able to get anything more than dog tags as it relates to trying to put to rest all of this? >> my understanding is that the family can request to see those remains and that's a process handled through department of defense and i refer you to them for specifics on that. >> one last question. beyond personality, beyond the president's personality, beyond flake, corker or mccain. there's a divide be it in the nation or in your own party. when is there an effort to unify? you have people saying in their own party, the president is not helping to pave the way. the path of the president has taken is wrong. when is there an effort for this president to start unifying the party and the country.
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>> every day there's an effort to unify. you see that in the policies the president is pushing. tax cuts that affect everyone, particularly the middle class. that's is something that everybody should be able to rally around, whether your a democrat or republican. that should be something that brings everybody together. you look at the defeat of isis. you look at the growth of the economy. look at unemployment. these are all things that should bring our country together. certainly things that this president has been focused on and will continue to be focused on moving forward. >> sarah, trump is likening his tax cuts to what reagan did. as we know after the 1981 cuts, there were a series of tax increases including social security payroll tax increase, which affected middle class americans. today social security's situation is far more dire. what does the president have to say about his intentions when it comes to these entitlements once the tax cuts go through? >> the president said he didn't want to impact social security.
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he wanted to make sure that we protected that. the biggest these he's focused on are the tax cuts and making sure they're permanent tax cuts. that really impact and help the middle class. that's the biggest priority. >> three republican senators have hit at the same theme, there's this degradation of civility in american politics. does this white house agree with that sentiment, there's a lack of civility in american politicians? does this president bear any responsibility for that? >> look, i think we as i've said before, we can all always do better. we're looking at ways every single day as i just told april to bring the country together, to focus on policies that really help people empower people and do that for all americans. that's this president's, what he
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laid out on the campaign and focused on since he became president. >> thank you, sir. i wanted to ask you about the president's tweet and which he called pastor robert jeffress a wonderful man. given there's 70 million american catholics, why would he say that about somebody that is viciously anti-catholic? >> i'm not aware of robert jeffress is anti-catholic. he engages with the catholics in his home state on a regular basis to participate in the events for the march for life. those are the only actions i've seen him participate in. i couldn't comment further on that. >> one of the aspects of civil discourse is for people in the discussions that acknowledge when they made misstatements. there's a pattern when they make misstatements, they're not corrected. for example, the chief of staff came out here at this podium and mischaracterized a people by a
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congresswoman. why won't the chief of staff or you acknowledge that that was a m mischaracterization? >> i don't believe that general kelly mischaracterized. he gave his accounts of what took place. general kelly and his family made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. he's led with honor around integrity. he's doing a great job of chief of staff and he doesn't have anything to correct or apologize for. even if president trump meant to console the widow of sergeant johnson, why hasn't he or anyone apologized for how she took his calls as insensitive? >> the president was making the point that his call was meant be respectful, sympathetic and offer condolences on behalf of the nation. >> you talked about the president's big policy initiative. that will be how history judges
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itself. he's had none that made it through the legislative process. >> that's not true. i would say there's a big historical moment. >> the policy -- >> something that has a lasting legacy probably far beyond most any other individual piece of legislation is how the courts can shape and determine a lot of different things that i think you'll see in justice gorsuch. >> to finish the first question. we talked about policies like healthcare or for example tax reforms that have not been completed at least not yet on capitol hill. the lack of support from somebody like bob corker might make that a lot more difficult. given that, does the president feel like he's win something. >> i think he feels like america is winning. if you look at some of the presenting that has taken place in the first nine months, despite the fact that congress has done very little up until this point. the president has gotten rid of
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regulations. we're looking at defeat of isis. something that this president has led on and worked with our coalition forces to help do. he's created bitter relationships with countries around the globe. he's bolstered the relationship with nato and had other countries encouraged and growth the amount of other countries that are participating in that. historic when we saw with the president in saudi arabia and spoke in front of 60 muslim countries. these are stories he did without congress. imagine how incredible and how many good things we would be doing if people like senator bob corker got on board and did their job and instead of doing so much grandstanding on tv. >> the president believes there should be a loyalty test for
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senators. >> their loyalty should be to the american people and the agenda that they were elected to carry out. >> i hope we'll see that in their votes. dave? i have to move on. >> does the president have any reaction to claim -- chairman nunez's announcement that there will be an investigation on the rush uranium deal? >> it's a move in the right direction. if there's any collusion whatsoever during the campaigns of any point, or any collusion at any point with another country, that they should look at the clintons. i think that's the right thing. >> sarah, thank you. so the president regularly highlights the success of the stock market. only about 50% of americans are
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invested in the stock market. earlier today i spoke with a prominent conservative and it was characterized as saying the economy bill sucks. what is your reaction to that and for those people that are not benefitting from the success in the market right now. >> there's more than i don't the stock market. there's 1.7 million jobs have been created. we didn't say it was completely fixed but we're moving in the right direction. we've been more successful in the first nine months than obama was in eight years. >> we understand when the president gets hit, he hits back. what is he trying to accomplish when he says that bob corker couldn't win a race for dog
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catcher? what is he trying to accomplish? >> he's probably voicing a frustration from the people in the state of tennessee. >> can you point to any vote to anybody that was against -- >> i'm sorry. >> can you vote to any votes that flake and corker together against the president's agenda? >> i'd have to look into their voting record. >> you said before senator flake and senator corker's comments were petty. what exactly of senator flake's speech did you find to be petty? >> i thought that his attacks and a lot of the comments that he made -- i don't have a read out in front of me. as i watched it, i noticed a lot of the language i didn't think was be fitting of the senate floor. >> nothing in particular? >> go ahead. >> i mean, i was going to ask --
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interesting the vote that seemed to happen at the senate meeting where you saw -- according to senator scott, john taylor got the most votes. that that will influence the president's decision on that. and just a follow up -- >> let me answer the first question question. the president is taking this decision very seriously. going through a thoughtful and thorough review and interview process. when we have an announcement, we'll let you know. he's talking to a lot of relevant stakeholders and individuals about this and knows it has a great deal of impact, this decision. he will take his time and make sure he makes the right one and not just a fast one. >> >> a follow up on a couple other questions. how does fighting with members of his own party advance his agenda? >> the president is fighting for an agenda.
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he has, as i said, if he gets hit, he's going to hit back. people didn't elect hem to be weak. they elected him to be strong. if he feels it's necessary to respond, he's going to do that. at the same time, he can talk and chew gum at the same time. he's pushing forward on an agenda. it takes 30 seconds to send out a tweet. he spend the bulk of his day working on and pushing policy like tax reform, tax cuts. that's what he's committed to doing. >> let me follow up quickly. there's some confusion about 401(k)s and republicans is saying that is making their job to get tax reform more complicated. can you say the republican's tack proposal will not touch 401(k)s? >> that's the president's plan. he would like to see congress get on board with it as well. he wants to make sure we're protecting american's futures and americans retirements. that's part of that process. >> on the opioid crisis, we've
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seen the president organize a commission. we've seen him have meetings. he used the words rippling, national emergency. we have seen the administration put more resources in law enforcement and telling just not to start. but advocates for those that are addicted say they feel like they haven't seen enough work towards helping people who are currently addicted. that there's a need for a huge rush of money to get more people into treatment. what is the president thinking right now? can they expect anything in the coming days when it comes to getting help to those that are addicted and need treatment? >> absolutely this is obviously a growing epidemic that the president is committed to fighting against. he has been working with his policy advisers and his team diligently in all of the relative components and
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agencies. you'll see more details on those efforts by the end of the week. in the next couple days, some specific announcements that the president said he would have. thanks so much, guys. be around the rest of the afternoon. have a good day. >> neil: all right. continuing what has been an incredible news day. welcome. i'm neil cavuto. you're watching "your world" as we continue to monitor reaction to some pretty strong-worded republican congressmen senators around their way out, leaving town. senator bob corker from tennessee has been in a back and forth with the president and now senator jeff flake from arizona who has indicated he's leaving, too. doesn't like the tone and tenor of washington and blames it on the president. all this time when the president was on capitol hill to talk tax relief and getting the senators
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on board. all gave 2 senators joining him to say it was a pleasant encounter. depends who you talk to. mitch mcconnell said they're moving forward on tax cuts. we heard paul ryan saying they will get a vote by thanks giving in the house hand kicked that over into the senate. the fact that these two senators are saying what they are now about the president and the leader of their party says something. there is a flip side to this, i want to emphasize. if wall street was worried about some division reason republican ranks, they had a funny way of showing as we talked about with the infighting and tweets and the rest. the dow finished up 167 points. again, largely on better than expected earnings. we'll get into that with charles payne. suffice it to say, caterpillar and mcdonalds surging. despite the political drama in
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washington, most of the drama in corporate in america is on tax cuts coming. we get different reads. the pow-wow behind closed doors featuring the president and the republican senators including this very interesting read from senator bob corker who was questioned on that and so much more earlier today. take a look. >> i've done all the talking i can do. i stand by everything i've said. i don't want to recite it. >> how was lunch? >> delicious. >> how was the conversation? >> i didn't partake in it. i normally don't. it's policy. you ought to talk to other people with all that has been said and done today, you'll get -- whatever i would say about it might be slanted off in a direction. >> let me ask you a more policy specific question. do you think the president's
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appearance will be helpful in tax reform? >> tax reform barely came up. >> neil: could that be? there were 52 senators in the room. john roberts, never came up? that can't be. >> sarah huckabee sanders certainly would seem to disagree with senator corker as well as saysment whether or not tax reform came up in the messing. she said here at the briefing today that tax reform was a major conversation topic. we heard from senator mcconnell that the opioid epidemic was a major talk. the president plans on declaring a national state of emergency. what you said represents the disconnect here. you have senator flake saying the president's behavior last been reckless, outrageous, undignified. the dow jones soar to another record high. you have people in the state of arizona saying thank you very much, jeff flake for taking yourself out of the running. we'll focus on getting a real
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conservative in there now without defeating you in the primary. so these senators are making this point and jeff flake's case, very emotional and very standing on principle. and then people who are with the party -- fighting these establishment politicians say good riddance to you, don't let the door hit you on the way out. steve bannon is fired up about the fact that jeff flake has taken himself out. they really believe on the bannon side of the equation and bannon has threatened to primary every establishment republican out there who is not with the president on his agenda. bannon is saying that it's an opportunity for us, neil, to get some real conservatives that support donald trump's agenda in there. so you have these senators that are standing on principle and saying these things about the president, then on the other side, business looking at the president saying hey, things are going great as far as we're concerned. so how to reckoncile the two
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things is difficult. >> you felt for mitch mcconnell on the floor that after jeff flake said all the things he did, that is a very close and collegial group as you know better than i and they deal with this conundrum of having to support and i'm sure an agenda that they obviously do support at the same time. so kind of puts some of them between a rock and a hard place, doesn't it? >> it definitely does. the one side of the coin -- again, it's like a two-sided coin. you have the president pushing tax reform, lowering the tax rate from 35 to 20%. corporations in particular say it would be good for business in the united states. would keep jobs here, create jobs, might bring companies back in from overseas because they left because of the unfavorable tax policies in the united states. at the same time, you have a president that engages in bitter
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twitter feuds with certain members of congress, who is known to lash out against people and say things in a way that as jeff flake pointed out, many people believe is undignified and potentially reckless when it comes to issues like north korea and whether or not you can with a single tweet or a statement from the presidential side of things throw kim jong-un over the deep end and have him pull the trigger on something that he otherwise wouldn't. i have been around in world leaders when they met with the president. they're if they're just good actors or not but they appreciate him. you have, again a disconnect between vladimir putin and russia and emanuel macron of france. all of the predictions were that when donald trump took over the presidency, he would develop a close relationship with vladimir putin and his relationship with people like emanuel macron of france would be on the trash heap. it's the other way around. his relationship with putin is
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on the trash heap and he and emanuel macron have a very close relationship. so it's difficult for more most people to get a handle on what is happening here and clear that a lot of people don't like it, but there's a lot that do. >> neil: you think the presidents tweets before the end of the night on this? >> i was waiting for a tweet on jeff flake to come up. so far he has resisted. that's the sort of -- that's chum in the water for the president when a senator says something like that. we'll see if he refrains. maybe john kelly has his iphone saying look, you've done enough tweeting today. we'll see. the day is young here. >> neil: you're right, my friend. thanks very much. john roberts at the white house. mike emanuel with his read. if we're to take jeff flake or bob corker at face value, the tax things today didn't come up that much in that discussion that was meant to discuss the
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tax cuts. have you heard that confirmed by others? >> although it's worth noting that there's probably steam still coming out of senator corker's ears after the back and forth between this end of pennsylvania avenue and the white house, senator corker and the president going back and forth multiple times earlier in the day. others say the president was in good spirits. he seemed confident. got standing ovation from republican senators. so there may be a difference of opinion as there's been throughout the course of the day. bottom line, republican leaders are under pressure to driver a major victory in the form of tax reform. president trump meeting with senate republicans, trying to rally the troops. it's critical he and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell stick together on this one and keep republican lawmakers unified. >> there wasn't any friction between senator corker and the president and senate flake or senator mccain also there.
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no ill will or did they ignore each other or what? >> seems like there was not a lot of interaction between those specific senators that you mentioned and the president. we heard that in the room, he got multiple standing ovations, the president and lawmakers seem to be in good spirits and fired up to try to get tax reform done, to try to put their differences aside. the environment up here on capitol hill has not been a lot of fun for the republican lawmakers that are wondering what the republicans in the white house and republicans leading the white house and the senate an not getting things done. mitch mcconnell talked about this getting this done. >> anything that all republicans think are important to the country and our party is comprehensive tax reform. the issue itself brings about great unity among our members. so we're concentrating on the agenda that we have for the
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american people. >> democrats are taking aim at the republicans for not releasing the tax plan. so far we're told we will get details in the coming days. chuck schumer and company are saying they're hiding the plan because it would be bad for the middle class. we'll see, neil. >> neil: thanks, mike. more on the tax plan and the details from the house ways and committee. you can bet charles payne host of "making money" will be watching closely. that's the plan that will detail, charles, the different rates will take hold and the sur tax or, you know, the higher rate, higher bracket for folks like you. what do you think with this drama on the hill and that is scaring people? the markets don't seem to indicate any such thing. what do you think? >> the markets don't indicate
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that. i think most people believe whether it's bob corker or jeff flake, that they won't go out with any sort of pettiness. more or less say hey, their faction of the republican party is fading. but they'll do the right thing. having said that, a lot of complications with the individual tax rates particularly as the administration holds steadfast at a 20% rate for american corporations. we saw amazing corporate earnings today. every one of those would have been better if our tax rate was 20%. >> neil: the criticism the president was getting from corker and through flake was that he was messing up deals by in the case of what corker was saying, don't even touch the 401(k) thing. be careful where you go on the deductions for state local taxes and all that. he was taking things off the table when that should best be left to committees. what do you think of that? >> he took the 401(k) off the
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table yesterday and the market hit an all-time high. there's some things you have to take off the table. the gop has been doing too much horse trading amongst themselves. the democrats are not going to play ball. why are they -- >> neil: make all of these allowances to win votes. but you're in the camp that certainly that is a wall street kind of view, you don't have to pay for tax cuts. >> i don't think you have to pay to the degree that chuck schumer would suggest. i'm a supply sider. ronald reagan proved that more money goes into the coffers of the treasury when taxes are lower because we spend more and circulates in the economy. it's not rocket science per se. there's diehards on the gop side that would like to see it more closer to being revenue neutral. it's not the feuds, but the other folks sticking with the orthodoxy that is coming with
1:33 pm
healthcare reform. >> neil: all of a sudden the message and the messinger are classing here. thanks, charles. he's at 6:00 on fbn. more on this and the fallout. stick around.
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>> neil: so what have we learned in senator corker and senator flake are not big fans of the president of the united states. will that mean that they'll torpedo the biggest agenda from the president of the united states? we're back in 60.
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>> neil: all right. bottom line, now what? if it's the idea that they don't have a problem with the message, just the messenger, even if senator corker and senator flake have very, very big issues with the president of the united states, the chief item on the agenda, tax cuts and advancing the economy, they're all for that. will they be all for the measure that had them on capitol hill in the first place today? let's go to charlie gasparino. we have emily here with us from the washington examiner and shelby holiday from the "wall street journal". shelby, where is this going? does it change the math? looking on watt street today, it seems that those that invest are confident tax cuts are coming. >> right. that is the immediate question. i've been streaking to strategists that are familiar with senator flake and senator corker's thinking. they say they're on their way out and they don't want to leave without a clear conscious.
1:38 pm
they want to say their peace and speak out against the principles that they don't agree with in current political climate. they won't let their own personal feuds stand in the way of the american people. they will vote for tax return if they think it's the best thing nor the people of america and their states. they're not known as people that would put their own personal issues above that. however, there's another bigger question of what does this mean for the gop? these two senators speaking out put pressure on other republicans to pick a side. are you with president trump or are you against him? down the road, it's foreshadowing a messy mid-term election for some of these vulnerable senators. >> neil: senator flake is speaking in. i want to dip into that. >> it is easier to speak out, although i haven't done it. if i could run the kind of race
1:39 pm
i'd like to run and believe i could run a republican primary, i might go forward. but it's -- there's a very narrow path now as a republican. i'm a traditional republican, limited government, economic freedom, free trade, pro immigration. that's a very narrow path right now in a republican primary. >> is there anything that you would align himself with the trump white house right now? >> sure. i worked with the president on some of the judge nominees. hopefully we'll be working with him on tax policy on daca. i'm glad the president wants to protect those kids that came across the border. so there are things that we can work together on. i hope to work with my colleagues. we have a bipartisan a 1 f that tim kaine and i put forward and we hope to get done. there's a lot of things to work together on.
1:40 pm
i've disagreed with democrats and republicans. that's -- these days it seems that unless you're on every policy that the president has then somehow you're not a conservative. it's an odd time in politics. >> is there a future for you in the republican party? >> you know, i think that this spell or fever that we're in right now that is more about your tone than your policies will abate and will change. so i do think -- resentment is not a governing philosophy. at some point you have to have policies that work. >> neil: he says he still finds there could be -- >> i think i the party -- >> neil: you been listening to senator flake here. we'll continue monitoring this. he still says there's reasons that -- areas that he can work with president trump including
1:41 pm
tax cuts. emily is here with us from the washington examiner. how likely is that? how likely a yay vote do you think he would be on tax reform or at least what's been bandeed about? >> i think it's very important that it echos one thing that mitch mcconnell said today. if there's something that unites conservatives, if there's something that unites republicans, the party of limited government, it's tax cuts. when you put your eggs in that basket, if you give jeff flake, give john mccain, bob corker a bill and you put a good tax reform bill in front of them, if they want to do the noble thing, do the the right thing, stand by integrity and govern for their constituents of a bill that will benefit their constituents, a middle class tax cut comes in front of them, i think they will vote for it. i think what senator flake said after a big day where he made a big stand, it's very important
1:42 pm
that he came out and said he hopes to work and support a tax reform bill. even if it has president trump's fingerprints on it. >> charlie gasparino, how many others feel the same way? >> feel the same way about president trump? probably a lot. i'll say this. i think to say that based on that statement that senator flake is going to vote for tax reform or the tax plan as it comes out is a cart before the horse. right now there's an -- there's a battle for the soul of the republican party. it's bewaged by the nationalists and steve bannon and there's -- not with establishment republicans but conservative republicans. they're not going down without a fight. in the end -- you have to see what the tax plan is. donald trump may raise taxes on the rich.
1:43 pm
you could see senator flake saying i don't believe in raising taxes on anybody. there's reasons that he could vote against the way the trump tax plan is coming out. remember, it started at three brackets. it's at five brackets. a middle class -- >> neil: the five brackets that if you include 0% bracket and the higher class -- >> yes. there's a battle royale for the soul of republican party. they're not going down quietly and if they can screw trump and bannon, they will. >> neil: thanks. bottom line here, you have two prominent republican senators that confirmed what we already knew. they're not big fans of the president of the united states. how they vote on tax cut efforts could be a matter of weeks now. anybody guess but there's little wiggle room for error here. we'll tell you how little wiggle room after this.
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>> were the shoe on the other foot, we republicans -- would we republicans meekly accept such behavior on display from dominant democrats? obvious we wouldn't and we would be wrong if we did. >> neil: all right. that was senator jeff flake on the floor of the united states senate today. maybe opening up with an obvious wound among some in the party against the president of the united states. jake wants to see the tax cuts and the relief. he's zone a number of executive orders. i'd ask you what others are asking you whether this stuff worries you, jay. if you're pro or anti-president or pro or anti-senator, whether this will get in the way of an agenda you want to see happen? >> look, neil, i think it's a
1:48 pm
great question. but the fact of the matter is, the members of the united states senate are all elected to help the people of this country. we know senator corker, we snow senator flake. we know they have been great champions for manufacturing workers in this country throughout their career. we think that they're going to want their legacy to be a strong one when it comes to help the manufacturing workers. i'm confident and bullish and getting tax reform across the line. obviously we have a little ways to go. we're well on our way there. >> do you agree -- i think the gist of what senator flake was saying, jay, the president ain't wrapped too tight. is that fair? >> i can tell you the manufacturers are excited about the president's agenda -- >> neil: it's a good agenda to your point. but what about the personal issue he was make something. >> i will tell you, i have seen the president with our manufacturing workers.
1:49 pm
that bond is so strong and so tight. it's so great to see them working together when he addresses for instance the national association of manufacturers. the reresponsibles was overwhelmingly positive. they know that he has their best interests at heart. >> neil: so -- does it bother you when he then goes after some republican senators, maybe a lot of them say nasty things about them and he returns the favor? does that bother you on a business level? >> i will tell you this. i get that this is the issue du jour. for manufacturers -- i want to be clear about this. this is not about personality or political important or policy. we've had a growth rate of less than 2%. a regula or the representative environment piling on $35,000 of
1:50 pm
compliance costs per employee per you for manufacturers. we have a 30-year noncompetitive tax code. we need to get this done. we're pleased the president wants to do it and pleased that members of the senate and house want to do it and we'll support them the entire way. we want this across the finish line. it's critical for the future of this country. >> neil: jay timmons, thanks very much. >> thanks, neil. >> neil: so is this the president's gipper moment? what would the gipper do in this moment? after this. zar: one of our investors was in his late 50s right in the heart of the financial crisis, and saw his portfolio drop by double digits. it really scared him out of the markets. his advisor ran the numbers and showed that he wouldn't be able to retire until he was 68. the client realized, "i need to get back into the markets- i need to get back on track with my plan." the financial advisor was able to work with this client. he's now on track to retire when he's 65. having someone coach you through it is really the value of a financial advisor.
1:51 pm
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1:53 pm
>> it's morning again in america. under the leadership of
1:54 pm
president reagan, our country is stronger and better. >> ronald reagan cut taxes to unleash the economic miracle of the 1980s. our tax plan will ensure that companies stay in america, grow in america and hire in america. >> neil: all right. whatever differences the president might be have with senator corker and flake, the fact of the matter is, this president is harkening back to ronald reagan with a legislative agenda particularly when it comes to tax cuts that will go directly to the american people and help the american people. is that argument selling? in other words, is another gipper in the making here to close the deal on what would be a revolutionary cut in taxes? john is here from t. good to have you here. >> thanks for having me on. >> when you see about hear about
1:55 pm
these comparisons, we know the message is similar. what senators flake and corker seem to be saying, big difference in the messengers. >> no doubt. i don't think you can see two guys that are more different in styles and approach and especially to congress where he needs the votes. but i would say that i -- per some of your previous guests, i think the interest in tax reform and tax cuts are so incredibly strong, i think president trump will likely get what he wants. >> neil: the dirty secret with ronald reagan, he was immersed with the tax cuts and knew where to draw the line and where not to as they were going through the house, who he had to win over, who he had to call and cajole. a lot we don't know about this president. it's not fair to judge one way
1:56 pm
or the other. the criticism jeff flake had of him and -- again, you whether you agree, john, is that he's not putting as much personal stake in this and further more interrupting the process by leaving out things like that would be nonnegotiable like the write off for 401(k) contributions and et cetera. what do you make of that distinction? >> during president reagan's days, there was a lot of back and forth of what was in the tax cuts and tax approach. a lot of arguments on both sides of the aisle between the white house and the hill and what should be included and whatnot. so i don't take president trump's suggesting certain items are on or off the table as the end and may well be say he won't accept one thing the other day and might the other day to get a compromise. so the specifics at this early stage of the game are not that important. what is probably more important
1:57 pm
is that you have house members and senators know there's no way they can go home and get reelected to something that they can call tax reforms and tax cuts. president trump has that momentum open his side. >> neil: yeah, but only with republicans. it's a different day and edge and i don't fault the president for this. it's been this way for a why. but ronald reagan had support in the house, 40 plus democrats, a good many in the senate. if this tax cut package goes through, largely on republican support, what does that tell you? >> you know, you're right, neil. president reagan was able to accomplish his tax cuts 30 years ago with bipartisan coalition. i really, really strongly doubt that we're going to see that this go-around. even if the -- this tax package could walk on water, i don't think the democrats would
1:58 pm
support it because it's not in their political interests to do so. >> neil: the other thing i wonder about, how pragmatic -- we saw ronald reagan was pragmatic when it coming to undo a lot of the tax cuts where he accepted increases and the like. taxes were a lot lower than when he came in. regulations were fewer than when he came in. he seemed to be able to move and wheel and deal. you think the same with this president? >> i think so. no doubt an extraordinary amount of noise vis a vis his tweets and that sort of thing. i do think he's got momentum behind him. as a respect, he can wheel and deal his way with a great deal of latitude because members' livelihood couldn't on a tax package being passed almost no
1:59 pm
matter what it looks like. that's the danger here. the devil is in the details. we could have a tax package that people vote for that is not really good for middle america. we'll see. >> neil: john, after visiting your fun library, how in 82 consensus was building that ronald reagan wasn't going to get re-elected. the benefit of the tax counts weren't being felt. consensus can be wrong, can't it? >> absolutely. you remember the time, neil, when president reagan was saying stay the course, stay the course. the economy really didn't pick up in a big way until 1983. the first two years were miserable for the house and the senate republicans. in fact, their expression was to stay the curse. >> neil: you're showing your age, john. but you're right. you're right. that was then. this could be now. we forget that in the media.
2:00 pm
john, i want to have you back to talk more about the shroud conspiracy. a riveting back. i appreciate your memories of what happened then. very analogous to what is happening now. but through both crisis, we get through it, we always do. >> hello everybody, i'm jesse watters sporadic it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five" ." a new russia collusion probe in washington. this one involving hillary clinton. the house intelligence and oversight committee is launching an investigation today into a uranium deal struck with russia while clinton was secretary of state. here's a republican intelligence committee chairman devon nunez. >> we're


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